What would you give, to live forever?

The issue of aging affects and concerns everyone. There are plenty of ways to help make the Human Immortality Project happen within our lifetime. The most obvious is of course a donation and we are thankful for every financial support, and still, there are many more opportunities on how to chip in.

As a scientist

What are you doing research on? Drosophila, mice, yeasts....? Could your research help in any way to understand/stop biological aging? Keep going. If not, and you are driven by a passion for curiousity for something else, think about it that way: Once you don't have to consider the obstacle of aging anymore, you can do passionate research on any subject you prefer, as long as you like. It‘s all about priorities.


As a student

Studying life sciences? Maybe it‘s time to switch, if you are already into biology, you can choose your field of specialization. 


As a journalist/blogger

Publicity is as important as the actual work, the more people know about it, the more will participate/contribute.


As part of a government

Help loosen the tight regulations/restrictions on many subjects of age related research. Even small changes can make a big difference    and save a lot of time, plus it will prevent researchers to settle somewhere else where a certain research/method is allowed.

Encourage fundings for aging research.


As graphic designer / video artist / illustrater / copywriter
Pickup this topic and play with it. If you have some spare time, contact us, theres a lot to do and everything can be done better.


As intelligent human being
Spread the word, talk to your friends, family, co-workers etc. about the topic, create conciousness and kill doubts.


As a sceptic

Maybe you need a change in your life. Go make it more fun.