The time is near

Join the real quest for eternal life



How many times have you heard someone say that life is too short? How many times have you felt time slipping through your fingers? How many times have you wished that you could be here for longer? 

 We could be the last generation to ever experience mortality and its devastating limitation of our potential. There is too much to experience and explore in this beautiful world for only one lifetime. Together we could solve that biological puzzle to everlasting youth; because for the first time ever, we have the tools to make it happen. With the rapid development of science and technology over the last decades, we can say we are already on the brink; the brink to eternal life. 

The time has come for a full scale approach to one unique goal: biological immortality.

There are about one thousand scientists around the world doing research in this field, but every group is on their own. There are few connections and very limited collaboration among them. To succeed at such an enormous project, a bigger engagement is a necessity. If we bundle our power to mobilise more organizations and people towards this cause, we can get there very fast. If not, we will just be the the next ones in line to die of aging. Indefinite lifespans are within reach, all we need to do is stretch out our hands and take it.


The question is not if it is possible

but when will it be possible?



we can make it happen

Every day more than 100.000 people die of aging and before that they spend years suffering of age related diseases. Even though we possess the biotechnological tools today to bring aging under scientific medical control, very little is done.
Whats more the research that is done is almost exclusively conducted by private companies. The world is already dominated by giant corporations who care about nothing but profits. Making the gap between rich and poor even greater. Do we really want THEM to have the power to control aging and human lifespans?

The public and the governments don‘t notice that there is already a race happening. It doesn‘t matter if one finds living forever a good or a bad thing, the technology will come. That‘s why we set up the Human Immortality Project. We aim for a public non-profit approach, transparent, open-source, where society is involved. To make the world a better place for everyone, not just the super-rich. We have to work together!