Who we are


We are a public non-profit organization (HIRA Human Immortality Research Association based in Berlin) and this project takes inspiration from the Human Genome Project, which was a great international pioneer venture to perform »Big Science«. We believe that it should be possible to mobilize even more resources for a cause that will enable humanity to indefinitely extend healthy life spans and spare all people from so much suffering. 

Our group consists of young enthusiasts, all with academic background and entrepreneurial experience. This vision of biological immortality is something we can work on passionately. In our lives we always have to choose which way to go, and there are so many amazing paths to follow, but with our current lifespans, we can only pick a few. With more time in this world it will be possible to follow as many careers as wanted, become great in countless activities and collect exceeding experiences over many eras.

It is our moral obligation to act against aging and to eliminate the tragedy that comes with it, for the sake of human progress. If one think about it, what are a few decades of time invested in research, when you get potentially 20.000 years in return? The more people we can mobilize, the faster we will get there. There‘s so much to explore in our world now, and even more in the future, we want to be there. So as our old pal Steve used to say:

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs


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Matthias Krenz

Project Manager


Akif Ciftci

Scientific Director

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Janik Trivellini

Chief Digital Officer


Why this project?

Healthy life extension technology will arise sooner or later, whether one wants it to or not. However, there is a certain question you need to ask yourself: Who do you want to have the power to control it? As of this moment, private companies have a major head start, whereas the governments and the public don‘t notice that there is already a race for the leading position. Just one example of this is Google: around 3 years ago they founded Calicolabs, whose only goal is to »cure ageing«. And guess what, they are not telling anyone which methods they are working on or what progress they are making.

The world is already dominated by giant corporations who care about nothing but profits. Do we really want THEM to have the power to control aging and human lifespans? Making the gap between rich and poor even bigger.

Once they or any other private company have figured out the complete puzzle of the aging-mechanism, they will be able to set the price for rejuvenation therapies and decide who to sell it to. Consequently generating the largest amount of wealth any company in history has ever made. That‘s why we set up the Human Immortality Project. We aim for a public non-profit approach, transparent, open-source, where society is involved. To make the world a better place for everyone, not just the super-rich.  Where there can be an ethical discussion about regulations and the integration in health-care systems. 

Private companies or open source. It‘s your choice.